Michigan Public Utilities Law Attorney

The law firm of Ottenwess Law, provides unique experience and insight into public utilities and municipal government entities. Our managing partner, attorney David Ottenwess, has developed considerable knowledge and experience in this niche area of the law through his federal court appointment as Special Master in the matter of United States v. The City of Detroit, et al, Case No. 77-71100.

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) is the third-largest provider of drinking water and wastewater treatment services in the U.S., serving nearly 4 million customers in Detroit and southeast Michigan. In 1977 the United States, through the Environmental Protection Agency, filed an action against the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department arising out of the Department’s excessive discharge of pollutants into the Detroit River. The case continues today and has involved many complicated issues and legal questions, including regulatory provision under the Clean Water Act, federal jurisdiction over a municipal utility, municipal labor and management matters, administrative and operations problems and the often sensitive interaction between a host of state and local governmental entities.

Counsel To Public Utilities, Energy And Regulated Industries

As a result of his intensive involvement with the Detroit Water litigation, David Ottenwess has developed substantial experience in public utility law and governmental relations ranging from the complex operations and management of a utility to the regulatory and political realities facing a large municipal water department.

Mr. Ottenwess is available to advise utility companies, local governments, individuals and entities with business dealings in this arena:

  • Issues of permit violations
  • Local charters and ordinances
  • Federal, state and local regulations
  • Federal environmental compliance
  • Administrative law
  • Utilities management and operations
  • Applicability of the Supremacy Clause (pre-empting state law)

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