Detroit Michigan Radiology And Teleradiology Lawyers

Radiologists and radiology group practices have always practiced their medical specialty under the cloud of high medical-legal exposure and under the unique and often delicate contractual relationship with one or more hospitals. More recently, as the diagnostic imaging industry has experienced rapid growth in the last decade, it has been placed in the spotlight for scrutiny by payers and health care regulators. Moreover, as technology advances and demand for high-quality, efficient healthcare increases, telemedicine and specifically teleradiology is rapidly expanding in the field of diagnostic imaging. Unfortunately, such 21st-century medicine is often stymied by regulations that have not caught up with the technology.

The law firm of Ottenwess Law, has a special focus in representing radiologists and diagnostic imaging providers. Because of our experience and specialized knowledge, our attorneys can effectively intervene when these providers encounter barriers involving the legal issues unique to their specialty, with contracting and with reimbursement.

Nationwide Representation Of Radiologists and In Teleradiology Law

Our Detroit law firm provides comprehensive counsel in healthcare law to radiology groups and teleradiology companies in Michigan and throughout the United States. As telemedicine continues to reach new populations, our healthcare attorneys are working closely with clients on the legal frontiers of this burgeoning industry. As teleradiology involves the transmission of patient data potentially across state lines, our capable attorneys provide the necessary guidance to radiologists on state laws governing the practice of medicine, licensing, liability and reimbursement, as well as laws specific to telemedicine and teleradiology.

Radiologists and diagnostic imaging providers operate under a unique set of rules that our attorneys help navigate. With over 30 years of experience in this specialized area, our attorneys can successfully assist clients to understand the nuances of the Medicare rules that guide imaging services, specifically how they must be ordered, supervised, interpreted and billed. Additionally, relationships between imaging providers and hospitals are a special focus of our practice. Our understanding of the industry has provided added value to our representation of radiology clients in developing, negotiating and executing their relationships and contracting strategies with hospitals.

Partners David Ottenwess and Stephanie Ottenwess lead a team with specific experience supporting the business and legal side of radiology and teleradiology:

Reimbursement For Teleradiology Services

We serve large radiology practices, and we have fostered teleradiology relationships. Our attorneys can address the obstacles that providers encounter in establishing teleradiology privileges and in getting reimbursed. We are intimately familiar with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and its conditions of participation (CoP) for credentialing of physicians who practice in teleradiology. We also help teleradiology clients overcome similar barriers in participating with billing and successfully being reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and other insurers.

We intervene with CMS and third-party payers to iron out discrepancies and resolve reimbursement disputes. When necessary, our trial lawyers will litigate through administrative channels or state and federal courts to obtain privileges or payment for services rendered.

Teleradiology Malpractice Defense

We support the mission of connecting individual radiologists and radiology group practices with teleradiology providers in providing quality medical services which may not otherwise be available. We also defend radiologists who are accused of malpractice in traditional diagnostics or teleradiology final reads.

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